Using Bill Pay for Online Payments

There are two basic steps involved in using Bill Pay to make online payments:

  1. Set up your Billers
  2. Schedule payments

Set Up
When you first begin using the service, log in to Online Banking at and set up your Biller list. You only need to add each Biller once. Once your Billers are set up, you can schedule payments either from Online Banking (one-time and recurring payments) or from the mobile app (one-time payments only).

When you make a payment, specify a Pay Date using the calendar. The Pay Date is the day a Biller receives your payment. You can choose the due date on your bill or an earlier date. Bill payments are either sent electronically or by laser draft (paper check).

Electronic payments can be delivered as early as the next business day. If we send the payment by laser draft (paper check), it can take up to four days for your Biller to receive it.

Once a payment is scheduled, it appears in your list of pending payments until we process the payment. After the payment is processed, it appears in your Biller history with a status of Paid. The Biller, upon receipt, then credits your account.

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